Editorial Features


Editorial Features

Selected interviews, conversation pieces and long-form features across the genres of art, design, architecture and photography, written for iGNANT.

Reconciling architectural elegance with historical trauma

Against curation with Andreas Murkudis

Beyond the frame with Broomberg & Chanarin

The secret history of London's Isokon building

A visit to the world's oldest bronze casting foundry

A culinary walk through Wellington

Between art and architecture with Johann König

Deconstructing the Wurst at the world’s first textile butchery

Getting steamy at Helsinki’s first public sauna

Towards a new German design aesthetic with Objekte Unserer Tage

The legendary design of Eero Aarnio

London Cloth Company revives the lost art of loom weaving

Behind the Bouroullec brothers’ Samsung Serif design

Eike König imparts his wisdom

Peter Puklus’ genre-bending photographic practice

A Sunday stroll through Shoreditch

The melancholic lyricism of Robert Montgomery